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What is asylum and how does Denmark treat refugees?


sahand jalilzadeh


April 2021


the purpose of this article is to examine the right of refugees and human rights in Denmark as well as the problem of refugees .

the questions posed in this article :

  • how do asylum seekers travel long distance to Denmark from different countries , and what dangers threaten refugees along the way?
  • what is life like for asylum seekers in Denmark ?
  • does Denmark treat asylum seekers fairly given the country’s human rights record ?
  • are human rights organizations aware of the situation of asylum seekers in Denmark ?

the article is based on the personal experiences of the author , who is an asylum seeker in Denmark , and the experiences of the other asylum seekers .

also in this article , the evidences and all the words are fact and far from false .


refugee / human rights / Denmark / torture / humanity 


refugee law:

article 1 of the 1951 refugee convention as amended by the 1967 protocol , defines a refugee as : 

a person who owing to well founded of being persecuted for reasons of race , religion , nationality , membership of a particular social group or political opinion , is outside the country of this nationality and is unable or , owing to such fear , is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country , or who , not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events , is unable or owing to such fear , is unwilling to return to it . (convention relating to the status of refugees, united nations high commission for refugees . 28 july 1951)

human rights and refugees law :

human rights are the rights that a person is guaranteed by way of birth , the following of universal human rights that are most relevant to refugees: (Lutheran immigration and refugee service ”what are refugees rights under international law  )

  • the right to freedom from torture or degrading treatment .
  • the right to freedom of opinion and expression .
  • the right to freedom of thought , conscience , and religion .
  • the right to life , liberty , and security .
  • freedom from discrimination.
  • right to asylum .

one of the main aspects of international refugee law is _non_refoulement_ which is the basic idea that a country cannot send back a person to their country of region, if the will face endangerment upon return . in this case , a certain level of sovereignty is taken away from a country . this basic right of non_refoulement conflicts with the basic right of sovereign state to expel any undocumented aliens . (goldenziel , jill (September 1 , 2016) the curse of the nation_state)

given the definitions  of asylum and asylum law ,we now turn to how Denmark treats refugees from beginning to end .

this information is the result of years living as an asylum seeker in Denmark , it is also the result of interviews with refugees and what happened to them in Denmark.

start the process of fleeing the homeland 


reasons for fleeing the own country for asylum seekers.

here we are looking at Iran and the reasons why Iran. there are 3 of people in who want to leave the country :

first group : those who are rich and buy residence in another country by investing. the reason for this migration may be serious problems or a better life in freedom . 

second group: those who are forced to leave the country by plane due to political , social or sexual problems and dangers of torture and execution by the Islamic republic of Iran.

third group : those who are forced to leave the country due to mentioned problems , but due to the lack of passport , this group is forced to flee the dangerous borders of iran on foot , and this is topic that we will focus on more , and how they pass all the way until Europe , due to the illegality of fleeing the Iranian borders without passport .

over dangerous boundaries

some times refugees are lucky and cross the borders and some times they get arrested by soldiers and shooters , those arrested by the Islamic republic are tortured and taken to prison ,(the experiences of the Author , was escaping from the iranian borders and witnessing all the events that were photographed and written in the ( unfair life ) book by sahand jalilzadeh ).  

seeking safety is not a crime

if they could cross the borders into turkey , they should find a smuggler illegally and spend high cost ,and take them to the first European country by old boat or ship.

the ocean route is very dangerous and many refugees drown and die at sea every year. (global news_ impossible routes _ by renata brito_),if they can survive they will arrive to on of these countries :Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia , Bulgaria and Croatia are anti-refugee countries that mistreat , torture and beat refugees by police .(amir- a refugee in a closed camp in sjælsmark- Denmark , with memories and photos of being tortured by Croatian police , shows me that his whole body was full of wounds that had been tortured by Croatian police that he just wanted to pass from Croatian but polices arrested him and after the beating they released him.)

many of asylum seekers pass this long way from homeland with too many problems and dangers so asylum seekers are now in Europe with injured bodies and broken limbs.


my point is Denmark , where I have been under Danish injustice for three years ,injustices that many countries , organizations , human rights , the united nations and etc are unaware of . injustices that are not mentioned any where but will examined in here . Denmark is not main destination for many refugees , but they are detained by police for strict border security ,( in august 2018 while ones destination was Sweden , was arrested and handcuffed by police and transferred to prison for a few days ).

contrary of Denmark claims about human rights in the media and news , Denmark treat asylum seekers very unfairy  .(abend /vordian borg, lisa (2019_01_16).

when asylum seekers cross the Danish border , they most report to the center of Sandholm . at first , every thing is pleasant for the refugee , staff and Danishes in center always smile , treat with respect , food , medicine and  shared rooms ,but what is hidden behind this loving face ? asylum seekers must live in center Sandholm for at least one month and after the first interview which lasts six to nine hours , are transferred to phase 2 and smaller camps with monthly salary. 

in Danish interviews with asylum seekers , a translator and a caseworker spend more than six hours asking questions about asylum motivation and travel problems from own country until Denmark . she repeats questions too many times that asylum seekers some times don’t give the same answers due stress and fear of being rejected and get negative , which is quite normal. 

In Denmark , asylum interviews are usually conducted twice , the first , in sandholm and the second after a few months when the refugee transferred to the second phase and to smaller camps , and some times it takes more than three interviews .thus , it takes about a year for a refugee to receive an asylum answer , which is usually a negative answer .

All human being are equal in the law of human rights and have the right to life , but when a person is forced to leave his homeland for various reasons , he/she suffers many injustices from other countries . the purpose is to convey exact the voice of asylum seekers to human rights organizations and people for whom survival and humanity are very important .

Below we look at issues that Denmark has violated human rights :

When and asylum seeker case is completely rejected by a Danish court , the asylum seeker is pressured by the (hjemrejsestyrelsen) to return to his or her home country . where he/she is transferred to a close prison camp called kærshovedgård. 

Where is kærshovedgård ?

Amidst agricultural land and 6 km beyond the city , with no access to public transport , one asylum center is located behind iron gates and steel fences and controlling by police and anti-criminal forces , no money , no job and no service even refugees cant buy clothes for themselves or the food they want .

Are all asylum seekers criminal people ? is it fair to treat humans behind the steel gates and fences ?  is it fair to take some people life because they have born in wrong country ?

Many good people who getting suffering in this prisons , many people with real cases that Denmark didn’t believe them without any clue and suffering them . 

Now I am writing several interviews I have had with asylum seekers in this section as I myself have lived in this prisons too , I may have changed some of the names for security reasons .

  • two young  brothers who took refuge in Denmark due the conversion .

ashkan 18 years old and khashayar 20 years old and their family fled Iran because of their conversion and are currently in turkey .they are two smart and literary brothers who are in prison (kærshovedgård) due to a court wrong decision , they both have the same experience , they say :

“because we are in this prison many Danish distance themselves from us and tell us that we are criminals or thieves and that is why we are imprisoned here.

  • the next asylum seeker named Mustafa , he is from Iran , he is in close camps since 2016 . he says :

“I am so tired , Denmark doesn’t believe me , they give residence to liars ,  I have a Christian for many years but they want deport me to Iran and they do not even reopen my case , I became addicted to drugs to relieve pain , Denmark killed my soul and body together . 

And dozen of cases like these friends who spend time in prisons for injustice .

  • fardin , a person who came to Denmark for a better life and settled in 2019, a person who asylums case set up by other asylum seekers in the camp and who had no problem in home country , after he got positive every night he had nightmare that maybe Denmark will take his positive back because his case is not real …
  • hatef , a person he described as one of the forces of the Islamic republic in Iran , beat people protesting against the government with batons in the streets. The man flew to Denmark and converted in Greece to settle an asylum case , this person received a residence in Denmark after two years.

The purpose of writing these two person ( I have changed their real name for security reasons ) is not to take back their residence , but explain the injustice in Denmark about refugees , that many people live in Danish prisons with real cases and dangers .

In 2021 Denmark decided to deport Syrian refugees who have lived in Denmark for many years , mean while , the Danish prime minister and the Danish social democrats are imposing stricter rules on refugees to reduce the number of refugees to zero , but Denmark was the first country to sign the U.N refugee convention in 1951 has now adopted an asylum policy that’s less like that of its Scandinavian neighbors that of nationalist countries like Austria or hungry . (politico , eu , by michala clante  benditen , march 10,2021)

general condition in kærshovedgård :

around 200 rejected asylum seekers are accommodated at the facility until they decided to leave Denmark, kærshovedgård called prison in social media and between among people because of the situation in kæeshovedgård but Denmark refuses to accept this fact .

in kærshovedgård , people always should eat what the center prepared for them , good or bad , favorite or not , whether you can eat or not so its impossible for people to have good nutrition to have exercise or other stuffs .

in kærshovedgård , refugees need to show ID card to ate to enter and exit and they should come back until night otherwise if they stay out overnight , staffs in center will report them to police to take them to public prison , and also if some one want to visit friend in kærshovedgård they cant go in without the person in question and should fill out a special form containing strict rules : cant go other places without person in question , cant take pictures and share it , cant bring electrical devices etc …similar to visiting rules for a prisoner .

in kærshovedgård , refugees don’t have any means to go to city to visit friend or buy stuffs , the nearest town is six kilometers away , so often they always spend time in rooms for many years and this is most easier  way to make them depress and sick ,

in kærshovedgård , center or immigration don’t pay any money to refugees because they said they should leave Denmark  and no clothing , so refugees in center cant buy any thing such as sim card credit , favorite food ,clothing , a means of entertainment or even money to buy a pack of cigarettes .

in kærshovedgård ,  all rooms are for two or more people , therefore refugees have to live with someone who has a particular region or morals and behavior , and its hard for some people those have hard and bad past with some issues . 

in kærshovedgård , there are usually many fights between refugees , there are loud noises many nights and sleep and rest conditions are very critical and this is another reason why most of refugees in kærshobvedgård are depress and sick and thinking about suicide .

in kærshovedgård , medical condition is not working by human rules actually there is clinic in center to show yes we help but we have to see the other face , most problem for all refugees in this prison is depression and stress because of these problems they get a lot of sickness but in clinic finally maybe they will give you tablets to calm you down so only they clear the face of the issue to show to world that Denmark even care about refugees health in prison but this problems that refugees get its because of Denmark’s treatment of refugees , and also its very rare for kærshovedgård’s clinic to give an effective medicine to a refugee .

in kærshovedgård , the situation is such that the refugees feels imprisoned because they run the center by anti-criminal forces and the polices , that’s why its too hard for refugees to make connection with people those are out of center because they all think that refugees in kærshovedgård are criminal they don’t know that Denmark just rejected some refugees cases and combined them with a few criminal in one place . 


given that Denmark is one  of the countries that claims humanity and humanitarian laws but these fair laws do not apply to asylum seekers ,

Graph of the number of asylum seekers entered Denmark from 2015 to 2020 (

According to the chart, we are seeing a significant decrease in refugees due to Danish inhumane anti-asylum law in Denmark.

Asylum seekers are human beings like all human beings they just have born in wrong country according to their wishes and its unfair for asylum seekers to drawn in the seas for a free life, or to be depressed or sick by countries like Denmark , or stay in Danish prisons for years because of their freedom dreams . interviews and related facts show that asylum seekers in Denmark are subjected to psychological torture in closed camps and prisons .


The purpose of writing this article is to inform the people who are working for survival and humanity, of course there are still people for whom this article is important, so at least they can be the voice of innocent asylum seekers .

Does Denmark really treat asylum seekers well?!!

Does Denmark treat refugees exactly the same as it treats Danes?

Is skin color and birth problems a reason for inappropriate behavior ?!

I hope that reading this article has brought us one step closer to humanity and equality , all issues and the points mentioned are real and the results of years of experience and live as an asylum seeker in Denmark .


convention relating to the status of refugees, united nations high commission for refugees . 28 july 1951

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